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Petaluma Pet Pals' Spay & Neuter Voucher/Coupon Program is under construction and will be back bigger and better than ever! Please check back for the updated program and/or feel free to email us for more information.

Spay/Neuter Benefits Everyone!


Spaying or neutering your pets reduces the overall homeless animal population by reducing the number of unwanted or accidental litters of puppies and kittens. Since communities spend millions of dollars annually to control homeless companion animals, spaying/neutering saves us all money. In addition, the California animal shelter system euthanizes 50% to 70% of homeless animals (many of whom are adoptable). A compassionate society knows that a better way to solve overpopulation than needlessly euthanizing unwanted animals and that spay and neuter efforts help reduce the number of strays, ferals and unwanted animals in our community.


Spaying or neutering often eliminates annoying behavioral problems like marking/spraying urine, fighting and roaming. When animals roam the streets freely, they are in danger of becoming permanently lost or injured by vehicles, bicycles, or other animals. Neutering reduces these roaming tendencies, keeping your pet safely at home. Additionally, female animals in heat can cry incessantly, act nervous and attract males from all around. Having your pet spayed eliminates the heat cycle and will end those unwanted visits from those intact males.

Other Resources


Check out these other assistance programs in Sonoma County for more help with spaying or neutering your pet. Click on each program name or logo to visit their website.

Forgotten Felines of Sonoma County

Low cost spay/neuter clinic for feral cats

Sonoma Humane Society

Low cost spay/neuter clinics

Rohnert Park Animal Shelter

Free or low cost spay/neuter assistance


Pet's Lifeline

Spay/neuter assistance

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