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A New Look

As many of you know, Pet Pals has been around since 1998. In all this time, we have used the same logo, designed by someone very close to the founders of the organization. Now, 17 years later, we realized that the time for change has come, but we didn't want to completely forsake a logo that had served us well for almost two decades. We searched and searched, but could not find anything that really struck a chord with us. Until we found Olga Invanova on Shutterstock. We immediately fell in love with her style and asked if she could come up with a logo that would satisfy both our need to modernize our look as well as our desire to stay true to our origins. A short time after our request, she sent us the picture on the right. Check out our then and now!

We love it! She donated the design to us with her permission to use it as we pleased!

Here is our original logo:

Here is the new logo!

A big thank you to Olga for designing our new logo - we are officially big fans of hers! We just love her style and sensibility. To see more of her work, see her Shutterstock portfolio. Olga sent us this picture of her furry family wishing us good luck from all of them. Aren't they adorable? Thank you, Olga!

Another big thank you to Anthony Nielsen, who added the text to make the logo complete. It looks fabulous!

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